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So finally you are here. It would have been easy for me to start writing the weblog without bothering about introduction what so ever, still I thought you should know what you can get here or I can say what special you can get here.

So here I am. About 10 years ago, I was not sure about what to do after my engineering degree. It took almost an year to put the first step towards information security domain when I chosen to pursue the Post Graduation Diploma in Information Security. There was something in this domain which kept me interested enough to complete the degree and start my career in the same domain.
This weblog will take you through to my learning and knowledge curve of various components of Information Technology domains. Every article or post written here will be a solely property of the writer although writers don’t hold any responsibility if the information provided here is misused by anyone. All we trying to do is to share our experience and knowledge with everyone.

Agenda #1/ Vulnerabilities

Here we talk about Vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities of any kind which affects a server, a framework, an application, an operating system or anything you can think of.

The idea is to educate the people about all the loopholes in the code and infrastructure the develop.You can expect the details in descriptive manner with Step-by-Step guide and proper screenshots so that you can knock any application off (only for ethical purpose though.. ).

Agenda #2/ Updates on Technologies

We will discuss about all the noted features, news and updates about anything happening around the Information Technology industry.
We will also go through the features of technologies and detailed analysis for many hidden and unexplored areas.

Shekhar Suman

Technology and Literature are his two strongest passion along with photography. When he is not slugging out security loopholes in Software and hardware (As he is a Cyber-Security Consultant), he can be found with his camera taking pictures or with his pen (or computer keyboard if you will) dishing out articles and poems at will. In fact he is one of those rare breeds who is adept with both proper Hindi and English penmanship.



It can be you

It can be you. You can join this weblog as a writer.
Only eligibility is that you need to have passion about doing technical stuff and joy once you share the knowledge. Sharing is Caring !!!

Next Steps…

So now you know about me and this weblog let’s explore it… Do drop your suggestions and appreciations or any queries you have for us.

Any topic which you want us to discuss are also welcome.

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